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3-Pack of Beef Flavored Dog Toothpaste

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How To Use With The World's Most Effective Pet Toothbrush:

  1. Locate pet toothpaste hole at the top of the toothbrush
  2. Firmly press pet toothpaste nozzle onto fill hole and squeeze
  3. Pet Toothpaste will fill into the reservoir and dispense as dogs chew! 

Main Features: 

MAINTAINS ORAL HEALTH- Promotes gum health and cares for your dog's teeth, stops plaque build-up preventing dental diseases.


EDIBLE BEEF FLAVOR- 100% safe for dogs to swallow and digest.


VETERINARIAN FORMULATED- Balanced formula made with human-grade ingredients for superior safety and quality.


LEAVES BREATH SMELLING FRESH - say goodbye to that nasty dog breath!


QUICK AND HASSLE FREE- Gentle, effective formula your dog will enjoy! Use with the World's Most Effective Dog Toothbrush.


Set Includes:

3 x Beef Flavored Dog Toothpaste 



Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Is your pet toothpaste safe for dogs to swallow?

A: Yes, our pet toothpaste is 100% edible and safe for your dog to swallow and digest.

Q: How much toothpaste should I add to the world's most effective pet toothbrush?

A: Press the tip of the toothbrush down and fill it to the top.

Q: Is the toothpaste safe for all sized dogs?

A: Yes, our pet toothpaste is 100% safe for all sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs.