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World's Most Effective DeShedding Comb

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Remove Up to 90% of Shedding Loose Fur Within 5 Minutes Using The World's Most Effective DeShedding Comb.

GROOMING IS PROVEN TO BE HEALTHY FOR DOGS AND CATS - Our DeShedding tool will help to reduce allergies caused by loose animal hair

INCREASES BONDING – Animals groom each other to improve social bonding. The same is true when you groom your dog or cat. The bond between you and your pet increases

REGULAR GROOMING DECREASES HAIRBALLS IN CATS - (cat vomiting) Because your cat won't have to self-groom as much.

GROOMING USING OUR TOOL WILL SAVE YOU MONEY - By reducing the amount of loose hair, you will have less damage to your furniture, clothes, carpet.

YOU AND YOUR PET WILL BE SUPER COMFORTABLE - It has been designed to be as comfortable as possible on your pet's coat.

ERGONOMIC WOODEN DESIGN – Ergonomic Non-slip Wooden Design fit with human hands and pet body perfectly.

RELIEVES YOUR PET – Allows you to check your pet's fur/skin & mental condition regularly, also increases your owner & pet bond and helps keep allergies at bay.

A POSH GIFT – Beautiful Package which makes it a perfect gift for pet owners!

Safety Instructions:

Do not use this brush on an area of your dog or cats fur which has sensitive skin underneath. We also do not recommend over-brushing any one area. Do not use this brush on cats and dogs which do not shed fur. This brush is designed for removing excess loose hair on shedding breeds and therefore does not work on breeds that do not shed fur. Some dog breeds that do not shed their coat include Poodle, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer. Some cat breeds that do not shed hair include Burmese, Siamese, Siberian.