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Pet Hair Pal Cordless Vacuum

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The Shed Pal power vacuum is the grooming system preferred by pets! It fits easily in your hand and the Shed Pal does all the work for you, without hurting or causing pain to your pet. The Shed Pal’s motor is quiet and gives out a calming murmur to keep your pet soothed, during grooming. Unlike other grooming systems, cleaning Shed Pal is a breeze! When the chamber of Shed Pal is full, all you have to do is simply open, turn on and eject safely into the disposal area, without leaving a trace of mess or causing you any cleaning hassles. The secret is in its massing nubs on the unique u-shaped brush that gently pulls out shedding hair, while the recessed canister sucks it all in. The shedding hair is grabbed by Shed Pal in just seconds! While your pet feels discomfort with hard wire bristles, your pet will love the sound and massaging action of Shed Pal, which leaves your pet's coat looking clean, shiny, and healthy. Shed Pal is great for long haired dogs, curly haired dogs and even finicky cats!
  • Works in seconds, Gentle and soothing
  • Easy and convenient
  • No pain, pulling or snagging
  • Removes hair, dirt and debris
  • Great for both cats and dogs